What we do

One of the major deterrents to a successful business is the lack of a solid financial team combined with a critical financial strategy designed to help a business achieve their vision. This essential alignment is the key to success and yet often overlooked.

A strong, effective financial team will help an organization build a solid financial foundation to greatly increase the probability of success.

Legg Consulting Group’s team members listen to CEOs and management teams to fully understand the goals and challenges of the business. As your CFO, we support the CEO in assessing and identifying operational strategies, performance metrics and financial opportunities to achieve the organization’s vision and mission. 

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Our process

Our first step is to critically assess your needs.  Based on our initial discovery, we determine which track will be most beneficial for your short-term and long-term success.

Before you can create sustainable growth, the financial basics should be addressed.  You may need to begin building a solid foundation or you may need strategic planning services.  Our customized solutions help fill the critical gaps based on your timeframe and resources.

We’re here to help with all stages
of business growth.

Accounting Solutions

Business success begins with implementing a solid financial foundation.  Whether you need a business plan, budget, or accounting and operational support, we’ll provide a customized solution to ground your business financially.

Chief Financial Officer Services

Have the basic financial processes covered?  Let our Chief Financial Officer services provide innovative solutions to help you optimize profitability and reach your financial goals.  Let our financial leadership help you make effective business decisions.


Whether just starting your business, making a strategic pivot, or taking it to the next level, strategic planning can help you achieve your vision.  Let our strategic planning services help align your vision, mission, and goals with a successful strategy to reach the next level.

Do you have the right team members to help you achieve your three- and five-year goals?